2019. We’re still planning the move

why-u-haul-orange-old-lv-trailerI see now that it’s been a number of months since this blog was updated – August in fact.  That’s not because we’ve stopped looking at France, but because life has suddenly become a little bit crazy.  In the course of a few months we had a dog pass away, a grandchild born, another dog pass away, and now find that our cat needs radio-isotope treatment for thyroid issues.  And I had cataract surgery.  And am having some success at building a paid writing career.

On top of that we’re closely watching the madness that is Brexit, the Gilets jaunes (or the Russian provocateurs behind them), the relative rates for the Canadian dollar, the Euro, and the Pound, property prices in Vancouver (dropping) , and of course Trump.

How do you plan when you’re living in end of empire chaos?

Still, it remains the case that nice houses in Normandy are a bargain, and France still retains strong unions, good healthcare, a dramatic sense of its national identity, and robust funding for the Arts.  Our second choice for a move, Britain, looks like it’s heading into some kind of self-propelled disaster, with no-one willing to admit that it is inconceivable that Brexit could be anything less that a horrible catastrophe.

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