Stumbling towards Normandy… ou peut-être Provence?

ProvencePerhaps inevitably our thoughts have turned to Provence.  As Normandy is to the north-west of France, Provence is to the south-east.  More sun, less rain, and of course the locale for no end of books and movies.

One one hand, the improved climate, especially near the Mediterranean,  is surely tempting, as is the proximity to the Côte d’Azur, Cannes, and Marseille.  On the other hand property prices are half again what they would be in Normandy.  We would likely be investing something like €300,000 or about $450,000 Canadian right now.
You can still get a farm with outbuildings, (priced at €199,000) although one that needs lot of work, but it is a property with “good bones,” and has room to expand to have space for guests (paying or not.)

Saint Trinit – Big Provençal farm to be renovated, in the Lavender Fields of the Plateau d’Albion, between Luberon and Ventoux.

With a current habitable space of 51m2, an old farm to be renovated of more than 300m2 on the main building plus 155m2 of cellars and 115m2 of barns, this rural property layed-out around an inside yard offers great potential for a gites or B&B project. The ensemble is located on 3250m2 plot of land in a small rural hamlet surrounded by lavender fields. tells us that:

Saint Trinit is a minuscule village located on the boundary of the Vaucluse with the Alpes in Haute Provence in the heart of the magnificent landscapes of the Sault area.

Lavender fields surround you and extend as far as the eye can see and if you are lucky enough to visit in the month of July when the lavender is in full bloom you can enjoy the fabulous spectacle with the mauve fields set against the gold of the cereal crops… It’s truly magnificent.

The village of Saint Trinit and its houses clustered around the classified Sainte Trinité church from the XIIth century offers a simple and kind welcome to visitors.

Far from the main roads and isolated amongst authentic and generous countryside you’ll get the impression that time has stood still.

It certainly has that isolated feel that we seem to want.  And weather wise?

Rain days in North Vancouver: 155
Rain days in Vaucluse: 65

Average Temperatures in Vaucluse are roughly between  5°C and 23°.  Freezing temperatures are unheard of.  North Vancouver averages are almost the same.  And of course, Vaucluse has lots more sun!

PS: Complete France has nifty guide to buying a whole chateau for the price of a North Vancouver condo. “You could buy a stunning French château for less than you think”