Baby steps in Normandy

Today we went from just spending hours poring over property listings on the Internet, and actually emailed an agent immobilier in Normandy.

We have just begun our search online and this property is EXACTLY what we’re looking for.
We aren’t quite ready to make an offer on properties; Our plan is to smarten up our house in Vancouver, sell it, buy a property in Normandy while renting in Vancouver until we’re ready to wind up our business here and make the move to France.

Brexit has slightly thrown a spanner in the works, and I’m thinking we should do something before the deadline in 2019, or at least before the extension deadline which is a year or two later

I don’t know if you have the patience to help us make the move from Canada to France. We’re right at the start. We’ve been looking online for two or three months, and you often are the agent for properties we like.

We want a rural property, isolated is good. Some land. Under 200,000 Euros is best. We don’t want an over-improved property (once I see potlights I run), and prefer something that has retained its original traditional, rural, farmhouse or cottage identity. We don’t want a big renovation project, but are able to handle some repairs or updates and of course painting and cosmetics.

Somehow this makes it all feel much more real.  It also makes it feel like we really need to get busy with renovations, repairs, and paint.